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Sometimes it is difficult to imagine being a millionaire, especially if you have a poorly paying job, or probably jobless. But wait! Is it only at work that one can get to harvest some large sums of money that are hard to come by? For many people, having $10 million in the bank is as good as having robbed a bank or being involved in some business that encourages money laundering or selling drugs. Ideally, $10 million is by no means a small sum that can just be received all at once.

Even a bank will hesitate giving such amount of money to an individual that has no collateral. However, there are people who have handled such money. Some of them did not wake up with a buck in their pockets, but by just playing one online game became multimillionaires. Prize moneys have been increasing based on jackpot values. The current record is held by a British man who won 17.8 million worth of a bet, which is equivalent to $24 million. The following are the top six biggest casino wins of all time.

Number One
John Heywood, a British soldier by profession set the new world record of casino wins by taking home 17, 879, 645 in 2015 October. The cost of his bet was a paltry 25p on Betway. Crazy how money can inflate in a matter of seconds. I am so sure that he must have left the military the next day.

Number Two
Before Heywood could come and set a new world record in online casino wins, a Finnish man had set a higher record in 2014. He won 17, 861, 800 after placing a 25 cent bet on an online site called PAF. The win was so huge that many thought no one would break it until the gods appeared for Heywood.

Number Three
Another Scandinavian win of 11.7 million was realized in 2011 by a player from Norway. The bet that won this sum was made for only EUR 25 cents.

Number Four
In December 2012, John Orchard played a 30p game and won a whooping 8 million and Butlers Bingo.

Number Five
Lady Luck visited a Swedish woman who after playing on Unibet won 7.6 million. She immediate sprung into a shopping frenzy and bought all the good things for herself including a nice car and house.

Number Six
This is touted to the biggest win for a player wagering on a mobile device. With a single spin on his mobile device, Mark A. Become a millionaire in an instant. He won a staggering 6.9 million.
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